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I just prayed Maghrib prayer in the prayer area at work alhamdulillah and I saw this lady praying there who was praying with a small circular stone on her mat and every time she woulD go down in sajda she toucher her forehead to this, she was praying to it ( insha’allah not in the sense of worship to it but some other reason I hope) …….can anyone explain what she was doing please? was this Sunnah and if so what are the evidences for it? was she Sunni or Shia? I am Sunni and never heard of this/seen this before. I had to rush back and so coudn’t stick around to ask plus not sure if I would offend her?
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they have many shirk ascpects in there beliefs
some that actaully make them leave islam
they hate the prophets(pbuh) wife ayisha (raa) and hate abu baker and omar they make tawaf around huseins grave,they think Ali(Raa)is the one who is going to tell you if you are amongts the people of jannat or naar:astag: 
I have videos of there ulama saying this and you can find alot no youtube.com
May Allah return them to the true islam(pure monotheism)
I was praying zohur the other day at the uni mosque, and a brother came in and stood next to me with a leaf, which he placed on the prayer mat exactly where he would put his forehead during sujood.

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