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Dubai Visit

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US pop star Lady Gaga arrives at Dubai International airport on September 8, 2014, on her fourth world tour ArtRave: The Artpop Ball Tour, where she will perform at the at Meydan Racecourse on September 10. (AFP)
Lady Gaga’s baroque stage creations and shocking wardrobe ensembles have often hit the headlines. In past concerts, the eccentric singer has stripped to almost nothing when on stage, cue the Madison Square Gardens.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); But, Madison Square Gardens is not the Meydan and Gaga seems to be well aware of that. The words ‘censor’ and ‘Gaga’ are rarely in the same sentence, but according to the ‘Poker Face’ singer herself, she will censor her concert to respect local cultural traditions.
At the airport, the singer was asked if she would dare to bare it all; Gaga categorically said she respects the culture here and this show will be appropriate for all fans in the UAE.
She went on to explain her stand – it’s important to respect other cultures and not force them to adhere to the beliefs of one’s own country.
She feels that respecting their sentiments will only pave a way to connect with the people better.
And the pop star is toeing the line from the word go.
When she landed in Dubai, Gaga was dressed in a stunning sheer gold gown that was covered in gorgeous sequin and jewelled embellishments.
The long-sleeved number featured a cape-like style that opened up to great effect when she raised her arms.
It also featured a small cut-out detail on the chest, while the delicate fabric showed her bodysuit underneath.
She wrote on her social media page: “My fans were so sweet at the airport I was so choked up! I have been dreaming of coming to the Middle East and finally #dreamscometrue.”
“The greeting at the airport. I wished so much to show my fans how honored I was to meet them for the first time,” she continued.
Dubai fans have waited too long for this night and the wait is finally over as Lady Gaga is set to take centre-stage to debut her ‘ArtRave: The Artpop Ball Tour’.
Brace yourself for yet another mind-boggling concert night in the UAE on Wednesday night (September 10).
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